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The Unalienable Right to love

(Proposed Language)

All people shall have the unalienable right to love—

To love their country through participation, service, and approbation— so government may exist for the people's interests, and not as an interested entity itself.

To find love with someone for who they are in heart and mind, and devote their lives to each other.

To strive for personal truth, identifying one’s own body and spirit, so that all people may love themselves.

To deserve love from others, and recognize the same edifying grace within all people, as we are all moons in each other’s light.

To have the chance to build and love a family, and to feel the love of a family.

To commit of one’s own volition to the vows of love made in parenthood, as all people are the sole sovereigns of their bodies and their abilities.

To pursue meaning and wisdom, and love something greater than oneself.

To find our common ground through love, as love exists within every faith.

To acknowledge the love that motivates harmful action in order to unravel it, as at the heart of every conflict is love; thus, every enemy may become an ally.

Love is but honesty; let us become enamored with the truth.


Rights shall not be only boundaries but bridges; these true promises, commitments, and pursuits are made manifest by Pure Consent. The heart and mind in love— mutual edification, solemnity, and trust— produce this consent, in the magnificence of any union whether governmental or domestic, which can only be given and met freely without fear, inequality, coercion, or mere assent. This Pure Consent is the light without flame that illuminates justice, as true liberty implies the symmetry of this sacred cleaving, which love could not exist without. From this mutual consent to consensus we ascertain the will of the People, as it lives in their hearts.


There shall be no discrimination towards love, as love does not discriminate. We are all pillars in the house of justice, and are endowed with the ability to love, and thus with the right to have equality in matters of the heart. Love is not just permissible but hallow and indefeasible.


These rights shall be extended not only to American citizens but to people of all nationalities within our borders, as our belief and conviction in liberty and justice knows no superficial marks— it knows no race, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, pregnancy, age, wealth, veteran status, or national origin or nationality— but sees the truth within us all, choosing acceptance and love of our fellow man as our highest virtue and means of unification, as our hearts beat in others’ chests.


Law shall unite us, not divide us. With this 28th Amendment, we invoke the right to use law as an instrument of peace, not retribution. Equality and justice are not only shields that protect us from each other, but the golden threads of love that hold us together. We are peace together, pieces apart; in love we trust.



Love strengthens U.S.


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